Double-chin? This non-surgical treatment will surprise you!

We love staying on top of the latest trends and equipment here at RVC Medical. Over the last couple weeks there has been some exciting news coming from CynoSure, makers of the wonderful, non-surgical laser fat reduction treatment. CynoSure has a reputation of pushing the limits of technology, which is what makes this news so exciting!
Last week, CynoSure announced that SculpSure is now approved for use on the chin and neck areas! This is wonderful news for those of us with unflattering chin-lines. It seems like no matter how much you exercise, the double-chin just won’t go away! The fat underneath the chin is some of the most difficult fat to burn, and those neck exercises never seem to make a difference!
Well, it might be time to raise the stakes a bit. With SculpSure, YOU can gain the upper hand, and destroy the fat under your chin forever! Yes, FOREVER! SculpSure works by liquefying fat cells under the skin, allowing your body to flush the fat naturally from your system. After SculpSure, the fat cells are destroyed, never to return! There is no pain, no downtime, and treatment takes just 25 minutes! Most people schedule treatments during their lunch-break, and go right back to work afterwards!
Wondering what to expect during your SculpSure treatment? We’ve put together some helpful information in our recent blog post, “SculpSure: The New Alternative to Coolsculpting“, and “Is SculpSure Better Than Coolsculpting”. We’ve also included detailed information about SculpSure on our website, as well as information on all of our Body Sculpting services.
When you are ready, call us at 425-557-4227 to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Van Coevorden to develop your own personal fat reduction plan and get started on the body of your dreams!


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