The Real Beauty of Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine is an emerging trend as of late. With the advancements in science and technology, longevity and life expectancy are increasing at an exponential rate, and achieving and maintaining great health is more possible than ever. At RVC Medical, we pride ourselves in building meaningful relationships with our patients that enable us to provide unparalleled medical advice to help you achieve your personal health goals. It is through your successes that we succeed ourselves.
For over 20 years, Dr. Van Coevorden has been providing knowledge and expert medical services to patients in and around the Issaquah area. From High-Blood pressure management, to Thyroid Health, Dr. Van Coevorden monitors your health around the clock, and is available directly by phone or text when you need him. Leveraging technology in a way that benefits our patients is a primary goal, and we aim to stay ahead of the curve by introducing innovating new treatments and forms of communication that directly benefit our members.
Concierge members receive unmatched medical attention when they need it. For most, a simple phone call to Dr. Van Coevorden is enough to gain complete understanding of their medical questions. When needed, an in-office visit is promptly arranged, and they enjoy not waiting in the waiting area to be seen. It is a level of service comparable to a private personal on-call doctor.
Aside from the advantages outlined in this article, there are many other ways Concierge Medicine from RVC Medical can work for you and your family. Read all about our Concierge Medicine service, and call us at 425-557-4227 to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Van Coevorden today!


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